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A Giant Leap Above The Rest

We are REAL aerial photographers, using more than just drones. We custom build camera equipment and platforms using all available technology and skills to elevate our clients above their competitors. We give you the best of all possible services. 

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Our REAL aerial photography can provide you with hundreds of cost effective ways to serve your needs.

About Aerial Experts

Aerial Experts has redefined and reinvented aerial photography and fly through visualization services. We combine:

  •  Aerials from every possible altitude

  • Immersive 3-D fly-throughs

  • A long list of unique capabilities

  • Marketing expertise

  • Online distribution support.

All this gives you the ability to spread your message across the world.

Industrial and Construction

  • Manned aircraft vertical resolution demo

  • Precision drones

  • Unique monthly aerial missions

  • Video zoom hopping

  • Construction progress report videos

  • Discrete aerial surveillance

  • Industrial aerial examples

  • Right-of-ways

  • Construction samples

  • Beauty shots

High End Property Tours

The Prospect Magnet video tour package consists of appraisal level property video tours that are as good as being there in person. The prospect magnet allows you to reach out across the globe to a whole
new market that would never have considered your listing without it. It works equally well for a wide range of high value assets, including real estate, aircraft, vehicles, watercraft and industrial machinery

Real Aerial Photography

REAL aerial photography requires a skillful blend of highly modified drones, manned aircraft and ground level fly-through equipment.

Discrete Aerial Surveillance

Texas law makes it a crime to conduct photographic surveillance of people or places using drones without the permission of the property owners or controlling authorities, AND anyone recognizable in the photos. Your adversary is certainly not going to give permission for you to collect evidence against him.

But you can legally get that game changing evidence from our manned aircraft without anyone’s permission. And they’ll never even know we were there. 

Location Shots

The problem with most drones is that their wide angle camera lenses make your property look much further away from nearby landmarks.  This causes the viewer of your aerials to think you have a less desirable location.  We’ve solved that problem with customized aerial camera platforms that allow you to proudly display your great location through the use of our exclusive “Location Shots”.  Learn more by watching the video.

Raw Land Property Tours

This video was originally attached to a listing of a property that has since been sold.  It was designed to present the maximum amount of information to the viewer at the minimum possible cost. The sound track has been replaced with my comments instead of those from the listing agent.   

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